Youth Outreach

We offer a comprehensive curriculum and activity schedule that promotes the wholesome development of our youth.  Not only are we training them to be ambassadors for Christ and teaching them the Word of God, but we are providing them a world, a network of family, where they are embraced and loved by people who want the best for them.  Many of our youth have friends throughout the Bay Area who serve as positive examples and resources for them to grow in Christ.
We hold two weekly Bible classes - Sunday and Wednesday - and host smaller, less formal activities throughout the year.  There are activities put on by our sister congregations in which we also participate.

Activities & Events

 Below is a list of the major events we put on or take part in throughout the year:

  • California State Youth Conference - April
  • Worship on the Mount / Worship by the Bay
  • VBS & Picnic - June
  • Service Projects & Outreach
John R. Bradshaw, Sr. & Melissa Williams